Important Note About Our School’s New Location


學校今年秋天將在Squirrel Hill 的 St. Edmund’s Academy開始全校面對面的教學,新校址是 5705 Darlington Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15217 。地點位於 Jewish Community Center (JCC) 的旁邊,新學校的環境和教室設備都非常的好,學校也有自己的停車場。

Our school will begin school-wide face-to-face instruction this fall at a new location, St. Edmund’s Academy in Squirrel Hill. Its address is 5705 Darlington Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15217, next to the Jewish Community Center (JCC). The school environment, classrooms and facility are very good. The school has its own parking lot. Hope you all will like this place. 

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